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WordPress templates for video surveillance and security systems

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS. WordPress allows you to build on the basis of ready-made templates, professional websites.  made a large collection of ready-made templates.

How to make a website

high quality and expensive

to Order a website from reliable experts. This site is really good and will bring some advantages. It will cost quite expensive. Often, these sites require further maintenance. That will bring fixed costs.

Very inexpensive

Various exchanges and Bulletin boards, give a lot of contacts with different specialists.These experts make the websites on the knee. This work is just a waste of money.

for Free

you Can do without the above problems. Purchase ready premium template and create a website. Thanks to the hint system. Tips Wordpress gives on each item. This allows you to work with templates.

site Navigation

the Main page is very functional. Top menu and moving to the left.Site design for adaptive. With such a design is offset by the difference in resolution. The website looks good in any device (PC,smartphone, tablet) mentioned that the site looks professional.

usage Examples

Burglar alarms, CCTV systems, fire alarm, access control system. Not all companies perform all types of such services. The template allows the admin panel to remove unnecessary.

Designers have tried and deployed every type of service. For example a security alarm system includes the following types;

perimeter protection

wireless alarm


security setting at the remote

CCTV systems submitted:

system IP

number recognition

the fire alarm contain the position

addressable fire alarm system

wireless alarm

the warning system in case of fire

access control system is divided into the following subsections:



time tracking


the flexibility of the template allows you to remove sections and subsections. Create your description. To change the selection of cameras, sensors, racks and other equipment.

it Is possible to add maps from Google or Yandex. 

If this is not enough, you can read about css and change the colors, font sizes, Yes almost everything!

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3230

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3229

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3228

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3227

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3226

Security, CCTV, alarm

WordPress #3225