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WordPress templates for websites for cleaning services and cleaning

Today, even small companies tend to have online your resource for communication with the client. Professional at cleaning and cleaning helps to promote the services and around the clock to provide information about them. Exhibition of photographs demonstrates the level of service and the cost of each type of work.

why the need For a template

Template used to create pages in a certain style. The style is displayed through a number of features:

  • texts in different blocks;
  • Frames and text blocks of the page;
  • Background (color, gradient, image);
  • Uppercase the fonts of H1, H2, H3;
  • Registration of the images (rounded);
  • Exposure (slides, scrolling).

If that sounds complicated, it is even easier to explain – without a template, all the texts on the pages will be displayed on a white page without columns, blocks and the background. All information, even pictures will go in a line randomly. And only with the addition of the design page will become more attractive, which will undoubtedly affect the attitude of the client.

custom template for cleaning company

WordPress Templates run under the theme of the site. This means that depending on the activity chosen style. So for travel agencies is vital to have large slides with photographers, a network of bars and restaurants usually displayed on a dark background, the website of the institution appears strict and positive.

We offer a convenient WordPress templates for websites, cleaning and cleaning in different design. They offer different types of navigation (MPEG video), the stylish design of each unit or application. For the customer a wide field of choice for colours, navigation and General layout, the type of slides and the size of the photo. For a cleaning company a suitable site with a large image on the first page, a positive slogan and a convenient list of topics.

the notion of cleaning usually associated with purity because the entire online online should cause the visitor the same impression. This is achieved with some visual techniques:

  • White and blue color scheme of the site;
  • Light frame, beautiful titles of texts;
  • Large photo with the results of the work;
  • Pictures of the cleaning process.

Especially important to choose the right pictures. The people they should be positive, the designer selects only photos with smiles. Pictures should show how a modern organization equips your team, and how responsibly they approach every task.

Picking up the photo and template you can begin to design of the site. Choose units from a catalog template, which is attached to it. This set includes different types of menus. It can be horizontal or vertical, in most cases it is placed at the top.

the WordPress Platform is very popular because it is convenient, widely distributed in the world and easy to manage. If you need some individual change, for freelance or WebStudio, there are always professionals ready to help. We order the calendars, counters, slides and polls in individual style for your site.