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WordPress templates for the website of the artist

the Main task of the artist, no matter whether he is a graduate of one of the famous art schools or self-taught, is not to paint a picture and sell it, or well, to their labor income.

Using a template you can turn Wordpress into a store with the opportunity not only to choose a ready-made still life, but to make the order. So, if you wish you can draw oil painting in a single instance, then be sure to check it on the website. The greatest demand is for scenes from daily life, landscapes, still lifes.

And where else but on the Internet you can find potential buyers? I think to sell online – is it difficult? Not at all! If you create a website on the Wordpress and download templates for artists!

you can use Wordpress and template?

1. Landing page – this individual is a wanderer, developed under USP. Here the potential buyer may find attractive for my own information and to understand how it is necessary to make a purchase.

On the Landing page must necessarily be the actions button in the amount of several pieces that call for a buyer to immediately purchase a book or a picture. In addition to this capture page that clearly painted the benefits of your arts, the arguments in favor of their acquisitions.

2. Online store. For this you will need to install the plugin. The most popular – WooCommerce. Templates for online stores have full compatibility with this plugin.

3. Gallery. Again, using a third party plugin compatible with the theme, you can post electronic copies of their paintings on display.

4. Just a blog. For this, in fact, created Wordpress. Write about what you want to paint a picture that you have painted, please share your plans for the future.

is It difficult?

Some of our visitors are sitting in front of monitors and tormented by doubts about your level of Internet in General and computer in particular:

- “Can  I will setup Wordpress and a premium template on your own?»  
- “if I have nothing happens and instead of a quality website or online store I get a big “poof”?”
- “whether to swing templates?”

1. You do not need to be a professional programmer to download the template and configure them yourself. The most difficult are supplied with the so-called "dummy data” – it is, in fact, a ready site, with the settings for the presentation.

2. Independent studies have shown that the conversion rate (response) of buyers to the offers landing page in most cases exceeds the figure of 5% . At least every twentieth, the potential buyer will leave your money in your pocket. Any professional Manager would say that 5% is a good figure.

3. Artists who decided to buy and have already downloaded our templates, never for a moment regretted the step. By their most conservative estimates, net profit, thanks to blogs, and capture pages have doubled and in some cases reached the level of 270%.

Everything checked out – everything works

All WordPress templates for artists have gone through a rigorous test of functionality. You will not find “curve” or the unchanged topics, which then have “play” on their own. We value our reputation to disappoint its visitors with a poor quality template.

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