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WordPress templates for the site timber sale

the Lumber mainly used in the construction industry, and with the constantly growing market of new buildings, the demand for them is high. Wood is used not only for decorative finishing of buildings, as the floor, and also for the construction of  new wooden houses, meet all environmental requirements for a comfortable stay. Given the above, it is not surprising that there are always new enterprises engaged in timber processing for the building industry and furniture manufacturers.

the Abundance of sawn timber producers means increased competition. Conventional marketing offers already give small results, and leading-edge companies strive to take a leading position in the Internet. It is essentially a representative form of external network – the website of the company. The resource from the first sight must inspire the confidence of visitors to encourage to become more familiar with the products of such an interesting company to study its proposal and to make a deal. Agree to develop such a site requires the work of several different specialists. Of course, you can order a shop in design Studio, but who at least once appealed to their services knows how expensive it is. You can go the other way – to buy ready-made premium templates in the shop «Temple Of Themes”.

Advantages of premium templates for the site timber sale

this specific the Lumber products that are valued not only for their environmental friendliness, naturalness, and have a peculiar structure exhibited in the creation of interior design or furniture. For this reason, the templates have been designed by designers so that production, which is realized in harmony with the General concept-designed themes.

- the catalog offers a large number of templates, providing the ability to combine harmoniously the design of the site with a view of the sold lumber.

- Theme designed to install on WordPress – the most common content management system.

- For simplicity and ease of management added to the admin panel, does not impede full use of the functionality of WordPress.

- In case of need you can always contact support for help or advice.

- Themes are 100% adapted to computers, tablets and smartphones.

cooperation with the «Temple Of Tameem” gives you the opportunity to obtain, at reasonable every leader prices. If necessary, you can order an individual design and create a unique website that perfectly displays the advantages of selling your timber. Thus it is possible to obtain a high conversion of sales with a minimum initial cost.

in addition, the company's specialists can expand the functionality of the website, to modify the selected template to fill pages with text and photos to choose the best hosting.

In any case, buying a ready-made template it will cost much cheaper than ordering the resource in web Studio.


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