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WordPress templates for the sale and delivery of flowers

For business specializing in the sale and delivery of flower bouquets, it is very important to have your own beautiful and informative site. The presence on the Internet contact information, vivid portfolio with samples of ready-made bouquets and testimonials from satisfied customers will attract lot more new customers even in the presence of a retail store.

People are already used to make all purchases and services ordered from the comfort of home. Therefore, the search for suitable offers online, they will give preference to the online resource with easy navigation, online ordering and more information about the product (photos, conditions of delivery and payment).

As a rule, the business of flower delivery can be arranged with a minimum number of attachments. If you are not willing to pay a large sum for the work of professional webmasters, a great option – to buy an existing WordPress template. In the future you will not be dependent on remote experts – WordPress capabilities allow you to manage your website and edit it yourself. Add photos of flowers, to provide contact information, to update information about prices and discounts, post articles and helpful information – all this you can do yourself. For the average user there is no significant difference between the website created by the template, and made “zero” without a constructor.

Selling flowers – it is a business with high competition and the availability of high-quality Internet resource immediately sets you apart from other similar firms in your region. The template allows you to create the desired sections:

  • a portfolio with photographs of flowers and ready-made bouquets (you can make subcategories for flower types, occasions for gift, etc. for easier search);
  • information about prices (it is more convenient to put next to the photos);

    “hot” promotional offers;

  • quality assurance and timely delivery of your order;
  • information on discounts and hot offers;
  • contact information (address, phone, email);
  • shopping cart which orders are awaiting payment;
  • customer feedback.

you can also add a section “Useful information”. There may be articles on plant care, selection rules colors. Such texts will help to interest the reader and to make sure that he stayed on the website longer. In addition, they contribute to the indexing of your site in search engine.

we present a huge choice of patterns that appear equally well on PCs and mobile devices have modern design and easy navigation. If you have your own corporate design, it is possible to select a color or add a logo of the organization.