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Financial WordPress templates

Most companies and businesses seek to expand their business via the Internet, making business sites are very popular. It is the financial institutions and audit companies, banks and realtors, accounting, organizations and MFIs. To create a financial website easy, and the cost of its development will pay off handsomely. The simplest option would be the creation of a financial website on the popular CMS WordPress with a ready to use template.

Features templates for financial institutions

Creating templates for the financial resources carries with it the intention to highlight the service of specific companies, but does not distract the customer from the highlights in its activities. All financial themes for WordPress have similar characteristics:

    the Logically structured content.

  1. Neat design.  
  2. Compact shape.
  3. Full information about the activities of the company.
  4. user-friendly interface.

these are the main components of a successful financial website. The main element of all the templates remains content. It is a way to convey to customers the essence of services, their cost, goals and benefits of a particular organization over its competitors. Second in importance remains the elegant design and calm colour palette. Money likes silence, so flashy colors are inappropriate. The neutral and clean colors allow visitors to focus on the content of the pages without being distracted by visual design.

Financial sites from the "Temple Of Timea"

Quickly and with minimal cost to create their own financial website offers store premium templates for WordPress "Temple Of Themes". The cost to create it will be minimal, because the developers already took care of everything necessary:

  • all templates are displayed perfectly on mobile devices, because they have adaptive layout;
  • user-friendly interface is designed to the navigation system tabs to display information, buttons to switch languages;
  • adapted to SEO design, facilitating the promotion of site in search engines;
  • easy customization of appearance of the content blocks that you can edit the contact information from the administrative control panel, logo and other graphic elements;
  • performance with all browsers.

All of the proposed templates enable you to provide customers with maximum information about the company and its services. All the data on the page easily accessible and structured. Minimalist design with bright accents on the main blocks allows you to quickly and easily find the subscription form, news items, contact information.

Additional services

If necessary, the specialists of "Temple Of Timea" will help you configure the theme, install a website hosting and add content to the pages. The customer can also order the writing of texts for the main and other pages. Customers are guaranteed technical support and maintenance. The manufacturing site of the proposed topics will be much cheaper its development in the Studio of web design.

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