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WordPress templates for pizzerias and pizza delivery

At the current pace of life, especially in big cities, people have little time and sometimes energy to cook culinary delights. This problem was the reason for the creation of services for the sale and delivery of food.

   for over 30 years, they liberate people from unnecessary troubles. Now anyone can for a couple of minutes to order food delivered to your home or office.

   the First such service was engaged in the sale and delivery of pizza. And for good reason, after all, Italian pastries is the most convenient option for a snack.

   today these services are very popular because they have many advantages. The main one – this time. No need to go shopping, buy food, spend hours cooking that is better to devote to his hobby or recreation. Equally important is the ability to order at any time of the day or night. These services work round the clock and this is great for those who like to do night snacking. Pizza delivery helps out the employees of those companies, where there are canteens. In addition, Italian pastries – an indispensable option when organizing at home parties or other events.

   Such businesses as the sale and delivery of pizza requires promotion on the Internet. For this you need to create website which will be an online service.

   Such a site should be as simple and clear, so nothing distracts the customer from selecting and ordering products, and especially not irritated (for example, infinite pop-UPS). The color palette should be fun, not strain your eyes. Information about orders, their quantity and value should constantly be on mind. It is better not to fill pages with large images, as this will contribute to slow loading. Must present necessary information about the conditions of delivery, payment, current promotions and available discounts, as well as a catalogue with pictures of the finished product, feedback from customers and contacts – phone number, directions. The checkout process is desirable to make as fast as possible, so as not to strain customers.

   If you are doing this kind of business and want to expand it, you need your online service. This can help our WordPress templates sales and pizza delivery, developed by professional webmasters.

   We guarantee their correct operation on all types of gadgets. To use them is quite simple. To make any changes (such as address or phone) will have to rewrite parts of code, make it possible through the admin panel. A significant plus – saving. To use our templates is much cheaper than to order in web Studio ready site. If you have any questions or difficulties at any time to contact our technical support.

   If you are looking for ways to expand your business and ways to attract new clients, WordPress templates from the company's Temple Of Themes – this is exactly what you need.


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