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Templates for WordPress "Computer sites"

Computers have become commonplace in our lives. They are used in all spheres of activities: from the doctor's office to the space station. Without them would be impossible the Internet, e-Commerce and website development. But how about a website about computers? How is it different from news portals, blogs or online stores?


For a regular visitor the first impression of the site after a few seconds could be the last. No matter how important or needed didn't seem the resource to its Creator, the ugly design and uncomfortable office dozens of times to reduce the number of visitors. Therefore, special importance is the proper selection of template or themes of the website. Ready-made template allows you to quickly create a website without spending considerable sums on its development.

Computers, computers…

website Templates about computers usually have good functionality and minimalistic design. This is not the blog of photographer or architect-designer. On computer site come for technical information. Better if it is "pigeonholed", easy to read and understand.

the Visitor need information about the cost of repairs, availability of software and spare parts, the features of the online game. And this information he expects to find on the page. Good computer resource from the first seconds to interest the visitor with the desired information, hit the convenience of the interface and impressed with its functionality.

Theme from "Temple Of Timea"

Shop premium WordPress themes "Temple Of Themes" is a private collection of pre-made themes to create computer websites. They initially meet all the criteria listed above, that greatly simplifies the creation of a site on repair and maintenance of computer equipment, sell computers or computer games.

the Process of selecting the required theme for WP can become very addictive – their quantity and quality can confound the unsuspecting visitor. Employees "Temple Of Timea" will always come to help in this matter.  

the Highlight of the proposed templates is the ability to download sample data in a separate file along with the theme archive. Images and texts can be replaced in the development process. With this, if necessary, to help professionals store.

Main advantages of templates

  • All of the proposed theme, is completely customizable, modern and of high quality.
  • the Templates have a responsive design, easily read by all mobile devices.
  • Low price with high quality.

At the request of the customer, employees will install a template and add content. Texts can also be ordered separately. Current technology development of templates make it easy to customise them to clients needs to make changes to contact information and change the graphic image. The outcome of the appeal to the "Temple Of Themes" will be a modern computing site with responsive design and high functionality. The price will be much lower than when you call in the web Studio.