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Travel templates for WordPress

the Craving for change places, the desire to see a beautiful city and a new country lives in every man. This leads to the popular tourist sites on the Internet. Resources help you book a hotel or plane tickets, talk about new States and Nations, help to buy a tour package or to book a tour. A good tourist website is able to offer the visitor many things, but in conditions of high competition the proposal must be submitted very high quality.

For many people creating a tourist website that seems to be something out of science fiction. This is unrealistic due to technical and financial capabilities. Yes, the appeal to the Studio web design will cost not one thousand dollars. However, there is a simpler option: a ready-made template travel website for WordPress.

Ready and quick solution

Professional developers have already thought about the functionality of the future site, provided the order forms for vouchers or tickets, directories, recreation facilities or children's camps, a list of sites and descriptions of museums of different countries. Customer can choose a ready template for the CMS and install it. Further business for small: to fill your new site with information.

"Temple Of Themes" help

a Huge selection of premium templates travel theme offers shop "Temple Of Themes". His professional staff will help you choose an appropriate topic, will provide technical support in the installation and configuration will take into account the nuances of the particular company. Features of the proposed topics include:

  1. Excellent site work both on desktop computers and all mobile devices. Each theme has an adaptive design and is written using the latest technology.
  2. All the themes are easily configured from the admin panel without making any changes to the software code. This allows the customer to add the required changes to the site yourself.
  3. Themes originally Russified and by taking into account the Worldwide realities.
  4. All the templates made for commercial use, which implies the elimination of "extra" plugins for fast operation even on slow hosting.
  5. each topic is attached a demo file that allows you to see the site "in all its glory" even before its final filling content.

Developers are familiar with the specifics of the tourism industry, so the topics to focus on important details. This allows customers to highlight promotions and discounts, it is easy to customize order form tours or tickets, see the list of other offerings.  

advantages of cooperation with "Temple Of Tameem"

If necessary, employees of the company will help to install the theme on hosting and set it up. The customer can order the filling of the site content. This will be written texts for the main page and other pages of the website. In fact, you can order a website "turnkey", just putting your favorite theme from the catalog. This method of cooperation will be much more profitable in financial terms than the development site Studio web design.

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