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Fresh spaghetti with pasta is prepared all over Italy, but the tradition and quality have been achieved in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Here spaghetti served with cream sauce, and during the summer months – with a sauce of young tomatoes.

One of the indicators of a good spaghetti large enough mass in a compact size product. These products will not be too soft after boiling. Remember that selecting the products of mass production is very easy to deprive yourself of a delicious lunch.

no Wonder many restaurants in the world, spaghetti and pasta dishes. And if you sell pasta or are a restaurant owner, then you just need a web site. And since you're here, the choice is made in favor of Wordpress. Advertising or selling spaghetti to the engine just need to buy the premium theme.

Premium themes “spaghetti”

Spaghetti is Italian food, it is not surprising that most of the premium themes one way or another associated with Italy. In the header, in addition to pasta, can be the sights of this country; the restaurants serving pasta; chef cooking this dish.

A premium theme is responsive, adapting for different devices. All support Cyrillic, so after installing the Worldwide localization and fonts themselves will change.

When purchasing both fresh and dry spaghetti, the buyer is looking for a well-established brand. Chef or foodie, visiting spaghetti-site, immediately identify the quality of the product. Therefore, selecting a picture in the “hat” look to the surface of the pasta was lumpy (this is necessary in order to be well to hold the sauce).

If pasta is on your website have sufficient density, have a nice color and texture, the visitor at least interested. Premium themes have a slider that can display, for example, the various stages of cooking or the interiors of the restaurant.

maybe you are creating a landing page, which tells about the subtleties and nuances of cooking this dish? In the catalog you will find the theme for odnostranichnikov. Here you can use video, which, for example, will show the process prigotovleniya this dish.

Creating a website do not use as a pasta, which have purchase look. Many Italian bakeries sell fresh pasta of our own making. So the topic must be the chef that prepares this dish. This option is much more preferable than any bought in a supermarket, moreover, you can get the best family recipe sauce.

The production of pasta

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