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Templates for websites on certification for WordPress

Certification is a flexible, multipurpose WordPress theme. It is practical and suitable for agencies, companies, blogs, businesses, corporations, Finance, accounts, consulting or portfolio. Setup is simple and straightforward, providing options that allow you to customize your complete site to perfectly fit your desired online presence.

the Theme of certification, WordPress is also perfect for educational institutions and has a pixel perfect design, thanks to which the images appear clear even on the ultra high-definition screens. The information is grouped in well-defined polyarnyh colors that set them apart from each other on a light background. There is also a variegated menu items, icons and buttons that will make your finished website more alive, along with smooth hover effects. Using premium templates, you can add buttons "like" and "Share" and display the icons associated with your social accounts directly on the home page. In the case of inexperience, or of minimum knowledge, our specialists will be happy to help you make your web resource is quite customizable, to give it a unique twist.

set the selected of premium certificate template

some More words about WordPress themes. They are called templates and can be paid or free. While free themes might look attractive, it is better to choose premium which are professionally coded and do not contain errors and malicious links.

Download themes

When you download the theme, you get a ZIP archive with files. Rabarivola it, you will get a folder with the template.

Upload theme to the server. Unzip the archive and upload it to the server in the folder /wp-content/themes. Just as you did when you uploaded WordPress to your account via FTP.

Activate theme

After downloading the theme folder to the server, you must activate your theme. Screen, enter the administration > appearance > Themes as additional parameters. Select Add new. On the panel "Topics" move miniature "Theme" for the topics that interest you to see the settings of this theme. You can view additional information about any topic, click "theme Details". To activate the theme, click "Activate".

Now you can see your website with the new premium design, which will work all the time on a good note and delight you every day with their views.

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