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There is Boxing, both professional and also Amateur. These two sports sparring, differ in the nature of the battle. Professional, hard sport. Amateur sports option. Here is not the pursuit of money, a purely sporting event. But the speed and accuracy of strikes never canceled. A greater number of strikes, it brought points, so victory in battle. A quick victory can only be solved out, which often happens in professional Boxing.
Anyone familiar with the legends of Boxing who knows even a simple layman. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, the Klitschko brothers, Valuev, and many other fighters demonstrated their unforgettable victory in the ring.
boxers career is not long, strength and youth is not eternal. Most athletes become coaches, or create a Boxing school. Is often the master of sports of Amateur Boxing. In professional, rotate the big money and former fighters become millionaires. They continue to increase their already-earned capital by investing it at interest to banks, or to develop your business. The name they already have, so the brand is guaranteed and the business will thrive. Vitali Klitschko even became mayor of Kiev. The name and the love of the people is of great importance.
Considered. that England is the progenitor of Boxing, maybe. But fisticuffs existed in other countries, including in ancient Worldwide. Ancient Greece, with its Olympic games, already describes fist fights in the competition. The ancient Romans were wrestling and fighting with fists for the entertainment of the nobility. Not to mention the Gladiator fights.
Parents send their children to a special sports school, Boxing slopes. Here grow these Champions and the pride of our country. Champions are not born, they become. Anyone familiar with the phrase. Boxing, the sport is not for everyone. If you see that your child has hyperactivity, then he is ready to become a good boxer. Now children's schools of Boxing a large number. They, of course paid, but with their certificates and access to work with children. If the child wants to do Boxing, you do not need to change his mind. Maybe this will be a future champion.
Boxing is a sport not for all, the weak are eliminated here. The strong become Champions. This exciting and spectacular sport popular at all times. We cheer for our boxers.

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