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Templates for websites of the stock exchange on WordPress

due To the fact that the Internet is humanity is beginning to earn his money and became so much new currency, it is not surprising that a web development has created niche topics exchange for cryptocurrency in WordPress. If you are interested in bitcoin, monero, Lytkina, Ripple, Ethereum or other currencies, you will accept the cryptocurrency free WordPress theme premium.

We searched all above and below to find professionally designed WordPress theme for exchanges of cryptocurrency with easy to use features such as drag and drop pages, calculators convert cryptocurrencies, trackers prices on the coins and even the payment methods WooCommerce. These themes are ideal for any financial company or an investment company, to promote the coins or cryptocurrencies. Best of all - these themes you will not need to hire web design. Just install, use the theme settings to customize your design and add your content.

Our new exchange themes and WordPress templates are designed for any clean business website. Themes are elegant and modern WordPress design that perfectly displays tons of content and at the same time avoiding the feeling of clutter. Powerful design elements and a strict grid give the theme an organized layout that is a pleasure to read. This theme is also fully responsive, which means that the design will be adapted to mobile phones and tablets for a more intuitive viewing.

complete with template system provides complete control over the theme styles, from width settings, region and column layout, backgrounds, font colours,sizes, kit types, the module layout and many custom styles.

the Main advantages of templates exchanges

  • responsive layout
  • Custom typography
  • Configure the social buttons
  • Custom 404 page
  • Custom offline page
  • Animated widgets
  • Responsive slider
  • 500 + Google Fonts
  • Megamenu & Off Canvas
  • Adjuster in real time
  • Flexible width sidebar
  • Advanced profile settings
  • Unlimited color themes
  • Wordpress Quickstart and more

Thanks to these features, all the premium templates are working at height. When you purchase template, you can be completely calm as he is single and individual. Download template after payment, you can in your personal account. If suddenly you have something does not work, you can always turn to our experts.