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Warehouse &ndash the thing you need. The customs legislation provides for warehousing of foreign goods in the warehouses of temporary storage. This need for quick and detailed documentation. To the warehouse to get goods from the manufacturer and after are distributed to retail outlets.

And even warehouses decided to pass. And it would be nice to automate this process using the Internet.

the warehouse is warehouse equipment &ndash it is the racks that are installed with a room height of more than four meters. This type of design allows you to successfully fill the extra space. For high speed delivery of goods apply gravity racks. They are versatile and are used for different boxes and for pallets or containers. Racks have the form of roller conveyors, fitted with several tiers, which are based on cylindrical rollers. The products put on the shelf, it slides down, where there is a further selection.

premium Wordpress &ldquoскладские&rdquo topic

Warehouse theme for Wordpress will make your site's presentation page. In the foreground can be a worker in yellow helmet calling to check stock. Slides showing internal and external warehouse.

Wordpress perfect for creating an online store, where interested people can rent storage space. From the point of view of a potential buyer, the online shop has the undeniable advantage &ndash there is no need to go. No need at all to distract from the usual sitting at the computer. And it is not necessary to inspect the warehouse, which usually is out of town. Premium themes allow you to upload all necessary information and present it in the most beneficial for the client light. The client will only pay for the square meters via EFT or via credit card. And then in the course of entering the logistics which will fill the paid warehouse &ldquoквадраты” the required product.

Reward &ldquoскладские&rdquo theme can not only book storage space online, but also to compare. At this stage of the order very please the small square boxes with signature «Выбрать for comparison&rdquo in front of each item. For a detailed summary table with the features to compare is much better. Premium themes also support the sorting of products according to various criteria (price, area, location, etc.).

Want to sell not square, and the warehouse technique? Buy premium Wordpress themes! CMS supports store plugins available themes integrirovannye, such as e-commerce. 

Warehouse services

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Warehouse services

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Warehouse equipment

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