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Templates for websites of insurance companies for WordPress

Insurance companies first need to win the trust of customers. This can greatly help the quality of the site, which in simple terms explains a range of services  и warranty. This website offers several solutions ready-made templates to create beautiful and concise websites for the products of insurance companies.

Templates are designed for Wordpress, which is one of the most popular development tools and site creation.

in order to manage the site.

  • to make the data
  • edit structure
  • manage blocks
  • add items

For all this, you will not need a single line of code. The development of WordPress may require some time, but to understand the platform any user, regardless of experience with other designers and cms.

Temple Of Themes offers a collection of ready-made websites designed specifically for insurance agents and companies. Designers and developers have tried to premium templates looked reliable and increased conversion rates. To use a template for a small website of the company and for individual products, e.g. insurance, insurance for travel, insurance, real estate or seasonal offers.

Landing pages based on WordPress-the perfect solution for advertising campaigns of these individual products. The website helps to focus attention on the benefits of specific proposals, the effect on the client by using the call-to-action, increases the level of sales. Ready layouts of landing pages, the Temple Of Timea created in accordance with the latest standards and marketing strategies. This means that the template is ready to generate the maximum profit and to be an effective tool for promoting insurance products.

the Temple Of Timea Programmers ready to develop a customized turn-key project, if a customer it is important that his website was exluzivni and unlike the others. The project cost much lower than ordering the creation of a website from scratch in web Studio. In addition to the website that will start selling immediately after starting work, the customer gets a convenient CMS system with which you can work yourself or hire a content Manager. To work with WordPress written dozens of manuals and articles, so you can always find information about how to fill the site with content and to develop it in the future.

to Create a website on the CMS WordPress you can own. But it's much better to use the template. Because it was developed by a specialist who knows exactly how the block affects the conversion. All the site templates for insurance companies have already adapted to any device and then view them equally comfortable with laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Running a website, you would be surprised how many new customers comes from the Internet.

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