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Templates for websites of hostels on WordPress

the Business idea of hostels as cheap accommodation for students and travelers, came to us from abroad. Focus on youth implies a willingness of guests to stay in rooms for several people – it helps to make new friends, chat and spend time together.

Hostel can be quite a profitable venture if his organization to take into consideration the youth category at the hotel. Of course, to promote a similar institution should also be where the advertisement will be seen by the target audience.

it is Unlikely that many students read the ads on poles, but the Internet comes to every. Without a good website to promote a project and give it prominence will not work. In addition, the site staff can help to connect it to popular global services, reservation of seats, which will increase the number of potential customers in hundreds of times.

a Selection of templates "Hostel" for WordPress

our website has a collection of templates for creating website of a hostel based on this popular CMS. Our experts have vast experience in web design, so we offer our templates meet all the latest requirements and the trends of "fashion" saitostroitel'stva. We took into account all peculiarities of hotel business, making templates, a selection of the most needed pages.

responsive design and complete Russification

today's youth it is hard to imagine without a smartphone in hand. Considering this fact, we make the templates responsive web design. That means a full adaptation of the dimensions of the page to the diagonal of the screen of the mobile device. In addition to readability, such a design has advantages in the eyes of search engines, which is important in the process of promoting a new site. A full translation of the template on the Worldwide language greatly simplifies setup and day-to-day work.

Our offer

We guarantee high quality design and layout of the proposed templates "Hostel". The cost is only 3,500 rubles. If necessary, our staff will be able to fully customize the site that along with a template will cost 6,500 rubles, and also to fill its customer's content: images, texts, contact information. This service will cost 9,000 rubles.

the result didn't disappoint

of Course, the overall design and pattern are important in the promotion, but it is worth considering a number of additional points when creating a website the hostel. Our experts suggest to know the original structure of the resource, its sections and pages.

Site can not do without a master page, which in our templates is a landing page from a separate HTML blocks. In addition to references to other sections of the resource, it contains summary information about the hostel, the description of its benefits, photo gallery.

Each section is represented by a separate page. Room features are accompanied by quality photos, provided the cost of renting beds on a large room or separate rooms. In addition, not superfluous will be a blog page with news institutions, prices, and other useful information.


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