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Templates for websites of cables on WordPress

Cables and wire – electrical products required in a wide range of installation works. Cable products widely application: wires, electric and other types of data products used in various industries, residential and commercial construction, installation wiring, television lines, communication networks, etc.

cabling – responsible work and needs to be experienced, professional energy workers. If you are the owner of the company, which offers the execution of works on laying and repair of cable, you just representation of the network. And Wordpress as a CMS best suitable for this purpose.

Cable themes for Wordpress

electrical Wires are used to transmit and distribute power. “Cable” Wordpress theme to show products in the best light. Often the cable “cap” is still fitter – a man in a bright yellow hat with the tool.

the Theme will be of use to those who offers a full range of services for the installation of cable, from obtaining technical specifications, cost estimates and approvals of all, before testing the finished lines and commissioning the inspection services.

Premium themes will not only make the work more effective linemen, but to convey the importance of quality electrical installation to the consumer.

Premium themes allow you to sell all sorts of cables.There is integration with shopping plugins. Premium template already optician for a shop.

Basic types of electric circuits:

1. Copper wire;
2. Aluminum wire;
3. Different constructions of the wire;
4. Steel wire.

Important to know

Being outdoors, electrical products every day, are facing serious challenges and strains from the environment. Be sure to reflect that in the topic! Wire, as in real life, and in the Wordpress theme must be made of high quality materials, have reliable protective shell, and comply with all established in this area standards.

depending on your professional activity and voltage in the transmission lines in the theme can be used in insulated and non-insulated electric wire.

it is Important to choose a premium theme in accordance with the professional activities of the company.

Cable products

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Cable and wire products

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Cable and wire products

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