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Templates for websites of a notary on WordPress

Notaries provide a wide range of legal assistance. This registration and certification of wills and issuance of certificates of title, and notarization of various documents and all types of transactions, and issuance of certificates on the right to a share in property and inheritance. And as the days of verbal agreements are long gone, people are increasingly turning to the notary's office.

it is Very important to a potential client in a relaxed atmosphere to see the list of services, operating hours, address, and view reviews of other clients about a particular notary. In the digital age, even the representatives of such an important and popular profession, can not do without properly-designed site.

fortunately, do not have to pay a lot of money for the web programmers to create a portal to notary services. It is sufficient to use a template of WordPress, which you can purchase from us. Wide functionality of WordPress is extended by adding on additional online administrative panel which allows you to edit the template at will without having to write code. The control system is simple and intuitive that even without special knowledge to upload on website materials, video, photos. If still necessary, you can always contact our specialists, asking for something to alter or modify it.

Premium WordPress templates for notaries have a unique design which offers the client to a specialist. Quite conservative, however, not boring. You can "estimate" will look like your website, looking at the trial version. For each template available in the visual editor Ready-made site fully stylized your occupation will help to win the favor of clients prior to a personal meeting with them.

the Template will easily help you to create the necessary sections:

  • the list of services;
  • information about prices;

  • contact information.
  • mode;
  • customer feedback.

you Can add a section "Useful information", which will contain various articles on the merits.

templates premium WordPress fully responsive. This means that your website will be available on any device that has Internet access (PC, tablet, phone, etc.), and will always be displayed correctly. And it is known, contributes even more attracting clients to its services. Because our time is very much appreciated mobility and the ability to quickly access to the resource.

Immediately after the purchase of ready-made template, you will receive the download link. In the template archive will be:

  • Theme to install on WordPress CMS;
  • File demo.xml to import the content to WordPress website look like the demo version.

Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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Notary services

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