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Templates for websites locks on WordPress

Social Castle (site is a special program for WordPress

Which hides the main content block, the user is able to click on one of the buttons and share with your friends on social networks.

the Best social lock

One of the best social locks is a plugin Sociallocker, it is effective and interesting, also can promptly attract social traffic. In the plugin there are many related, for example, it makes sense to perform a General trend.

the Plugin hides the quoted part of the article block with social buttons. Program works simply:

  1. Downloaded.
  2. is Set.
  3. is Configured.

the benefit from the use of this lock for WordPress is first of all a quick mention of the blog or site on social networks. Attendance increases dramatically.

the website promotion is automatic, the owner pays nothing.


Works in major social resources:


  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Classmates;

  • Google+1;
  • Youtube;

There is a Worldwide version and to install it is simple. The unit installed without any problems in the overall design of the template. There is a version not only for WordPress but for other sites the Popularity of a website in social networks is one of the important tools of promotion in search engines. Such programs provide an opportunity to promote the resource to reach the tops of search engines.


Social Lock gives a chance to differentiate the statistics, make a full analysis and report that enables you to optimize the performance of the resource.

On the website, you can install several "lock" each of them will have their own settings. For example, one can block the video, the other may put a ban for downloading various files.

When setting up social castle should come up with a title. Also make a short summary: why this material should be useful to the user.

it is Recommended to select buttons that allow you to "open" the content that is hidden.

it is Not necessary to block the entire page. You cannot enter users into believing, so as not to generate negative emotions.

it Is possible to create the background and the texture on which will be based buttons. If any of the networks is not required, it can be deactivated.


Social lock allows you to almost free to draw on your online resource a variety of users. The simplicity of this plugin and its

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