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visitors to the Wordpress blog are registered and unregistered. The latter, as a rule, can only read other people's posts and use search. Sometimes (depending on the will of the owners of the blog) to vote in polls. Sometimes reply to messages.

Guest Wordpress theme

Guest themes allow users to leave reviews. In conventional Wordpress theme, you can only comment on posts guest topic has a more branched structure. This theme allows you to create a convenient directory, where users can leave their comments.

More guest themes allow you to exchange personal messages and decorate your existence in the blog avatars, lipectomy and signatures. And yet each of them has a personal account in which you can configure theme settings for yourself, change personal data, to personal correspondence.

Compulsory registration is not available on all blogs, some anonymous users have the same rights as registered. However, this liberalism may play with the owner of the blog a cruel joke: the blog becomes easy prey for fans of viral marketing and blatant advertising all sorts of obscene resources that have nothing to do with the theme of the forum. All this increases the load on the moderator. Premium Wordpress themes have a built-in protection mechanism, plugin-antispam comes to the topic.

Unearthly attraction

As we all know from school physics course, the force with which one object attracts other objects is directly proportional to its mass. So, to guest blog attracted visitors, it needs to have a ground different from zero.

in Other words, it needs to be filled with content – interesting, meaningful and "in theme". And it is highly desirable that immediately after the creation of the blog started to grow, like grandma's dough for pies: fast and with a promising future. This is necessary in order not to miss the first visitors of the forum.

smart layout

Not necessarily in a guest blog to have many headings. As used to say Lenin, "better fewer, but better". Two topics with a dozen plump branches of the discussions look much more appetizing than Wikipedia categorization with zero answers. By the way, there is nothing that attracts a person, as an opportunity to relax and click on the nose of his neighbor. Therefore, the presence of "Smoking" and "Glumica" (reviewed on the forum) is almost not discussed.

Mini hotel

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Organization of events

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