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Templates for websites gardening on WordPress

Create your own website simply. There are many management systems website. A particularly important site for store owners and entrepreneurs. The site is able to advertise the product and attract new customers.

website Builder Wordpress

in order to create a website based on Wordpress, do not have to be a web designer. In Wordpress you can find a variety of premium ready-made site templates that are easy to improve and modify according to your taste.

  • from the Wordpress Design looks good both on computer screen and on phone and tablet.
  • a Lot of editing capabilities.
  • In Wordpress, you can get technical support.
  • Affordable price templates.

the Templates on the website divided by topics. Huge selection will allow you to find the best option. To buy an existing website from Wordpress &ndash a great option for those who want to get the result quickly and inexpensively.

Garden Wordpress

template «Все for garden» suitable to store garden tools and seedlings and landscape designers.

Cover template &ndash neutral, plant and equipment. This ready-made template you can place the contact information, the benefits of their company, news company, the types of services that you provide.

the sections of the template: automatic watering, landscaping, landscape design, payment and delivery, nourishing the soil, planting material, and so on.

the cost of the template «Все for garden&rdquo &ndash 3500 rubles, finished site &ndash 6500 and 9500 rubles.

Also in Wordpress you can buy templates «Товары for the garden&rdquo. Suitable for flower shops and large stores with garden equipment. Here you can find the following sites &ndash «Семена and planting material&rdquo, «Садово-Park furniture&rdquo, «Садовые and decorative figures&rdquo, «Удобрения for gardeners and households&rdquo, «Курсы gardeners&rdquo, «Обучения floriculture&rdquo and so on. All of these templates are several varieties of it, with different covers and sections, depending on the content of the site.

So, for example, the template «Мебель gardening&rdquo labels: garden furniture, Park furniture, wicker furniture, outdoor furniture.

«Курсах gardeners&rdquo &ndash company benefits, cost of services, reviews. And so on.

All templates are 3,500 rubles, and the finished sites &ndash 6500 and 9500 rubles.

Colorful themed pictures are very important for your website. On Wordpress they are attract attention. Plus templates features easy navigation.

Purchasing a template on the website you will be able to advertise my firm or service on the Internet.

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