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Popularity of WordPress CMS due to the ease of installation, configuration and administration. Based on it created millions of websites of different issues and topics, from informational portals, to blogs, portfolios or online stores. It is often difficult to select and set the desired template under WordPress themes for your website: background, photo gallery, location, menu, text fields, comments and other elements. Much easier to use a professionally designed theme. On our site you can buy ready-made templates for this CMS at a price of 3500 rubles or order the production of the website in the normal or premium version.

Collection "the Garden"

Modern commercial activities for the sale of goods for gardeners is impossible without a well thought out, reliable and fast working online store. We have something to offer to its users in this direction.

Presented on our website factsheet templates WordPress "Garden" will be useful for wide circle of specialists involved in the development of sites on this topic. On the basis of our templates in just a few hours to launch the online store for gardeners, farmers, gardeners or growers.

Attention to detail

the Proposed templates contain catalogues of products, well thought out navigation, the ability to embed photo galleries and descriptions of each item and category. Convenient order forms, integration of different payment systems for receiving payment for goods, feedback forms, delivery terms and contacts – templates "Garden" to create online stores contain all of the above and more.

all screen sizes

Because more than half of visitors come to the website of the online store with mobile devices, it can be adapted to display pages on the relatively small displays of smartphones or tablets directly affects the number of sales. Each template has an adaptive design, which means it is displayed correctly on the displays of mobile devices with any screen size.

About the importance of additional information

a Successful commercial resources has long recognized the importance of providing the fullest possible information on the proposed products. The presence of informational articles on the website of the store will increase the number of customers and increase their loyalty to the resource. Gardeners interested in everything: from the selection of seeds for sowing to application rates of fertilizers for various crops. If all the necessary they will learn at the online store, they will buy the seeds and liquid fertilizer for seedlings.

Our developers have thought through the design and layout of the main blocks page, choose the fonts and background images, made navigation. Informational articles on various aspects of crop production can be conveniently sorted by category, making it easier for users to navigate. The result will be the growing popularity of the online, increasing time spent on the website and, as a consequence, the growth of income of the owner.

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