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Templates for websites fittings on WordPress

Fittings — irreplaceable connecting elements for pipes, automotive systems, LPG and gas pipelines. They are widely used, if needed, for example, to change the configuration of the water pipes in the house, to lay drainage or gutter system. In short, the fittings is a very good way, to do without which is often impossible.

If Your company is engaged in the production or sale of fittings, WordPress templates from the shop "Temple Of Themes" will help You quickly and at the most affordable price to create a website to promote the services online. Templates WordPress fittings are good that even a person who has minimal understanding of how to create and typeset sites will be able to create your own Internet site. Well, if You do not wish to create a website yourself in the "Temple Of Themes" you can buy a Premium package and buy a ready website to sell fittings, and other plumbing products.

the Advantages of websites on WordPress templates

We offer You a ready-made blocks which you can easily create your own web resource. It can be a common landing page for business card, wherein the contact addresses and telephone numbers of Your shops, as well as basic information about the product. If You wish to attract maximum number of buyers, it is possible to do a full online shop with wide range of functions:

  • a breakdown of the range of groups;
  • section description of the services Your firm;
  • blocks with comments to interact with customers;
  • online consultant to receive applications and communicate with the visitors of the online store.

it is also Very important to disseminate information through social networks. Grateful customers will be able to share to Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte or Twitter your positive feedback about Your company. If you wish you can also connect Internet acquiring for accepting payments online. This is another convenient option, saving a lot of time.

How it will look in Your finished website

Today, many entrepreneurs use the services of the "Temple Of Themes", because it is much cheaper than ordering site in the IT Agency. Our designers will help You choose a suitable topic for the main page. There are also additional services:

  • writing texts for promotion in search engines;
  • content of the pages of the site high quality photo and video materials;
  • all customers are guaranteed round-the-clock technical help.

If You choose the Premium package, we will do everything instead of You. At the exit You will have a unique website that is well indexed and appears in the first position of search results in the region. So, if a potential buyer leads in Google the inquiry "to buy the fittings in Odessa, Kursk or Chita", you will immediately see Your website on the first page.

statistics show that those firms which already have their web resources, or online shopping, show a significant increase in income.


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