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the crystal ware is a luxury item since ancient times, used only on holidays and special days. The origin of the word «хрусталь&rdquo from Ancient Greece, in those days, pure crystal quartz, which had no impurities. He met rarely and was expensive. A bit of history In the 18th century, an English naturalist was added to the glass lead oxide. This gave substance increased strength. Quite by accident after numerous tests began to turn out amazing purity and transparency durable glass. At first, these products from this material cost a lot of money, gradually, the production technology improved, the dishes could not afford to by the citizens of the third estate. What made the crystal in the 21st century In our time additives instead of lead are most often: &bull Barium &bull Potassium &bull Calcium &bull Titanium. In Worldwide there are the old standards, the glass must contain less than one-fourth of a share (24%). All these details are important because the amount of lead affect the strength and melody of products. In a crystal bowl to pour the boiling water, that it may be deformed. Lead melts only at a temperature of 300 degrees. Also the high temperature of the liquid contributes to the turbidity of the glasses, dishes loses its performance characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Crystal ware forbidden to wash in the dishwasher. It is impossible to leave in crystal glasses for a long period of time alcohol. Site about crystal to Introduce crystal vases, goblets and wine glasses on the website &ndash it's a promising idea, look may such a composition effectively, which will increase additional stream of customers. The website should be simple and concise. If it looks like a Christmas tree, iridescent colors of advertising banners, it provokes mistrust and irritation. Information should be simple and concise, the user should be interested in textual texture, so to solve this problem is an important milestone in increasing the popularity of the resource. Must: &bull customer Testimonials &bull All contacts &bull scheme of arrangement of the company (with driveways and operation time) &bull What are bonus shares. If we collect all these data in one block, it will be informative and useful to site visitors. What is a template When creating a site using templates may be beneficial. Template &ndash is the starting point in design build, in addition all the templates «заточены&rdquo for the modern digital devices. Such details are important, the codes pages are left intact, the less the likelihood that the site «поплывет&rdquo or will not boot. All templates can be tested in the demo to understand the positive and negative aspects of their work. Conclusion. The company "Temple Of Themes" can really help bring the site on the crystal to a new professional level.

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