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Business food delivery is a relatively new but rapidly developing service sector. To achieve success it is impossible without a comfortable and beautiful site, which takes into account all the wishes of customers. It is most straightforward implementation is the use of the content management system WordPress. This will allow you to effortlessly make changes without needing the help of professionals. In addition, this CMS offers you a great features, constant security updates and free. In the catalog of our company offers a selection of the template "food delivery" for CMS WordPress. They take into account all the peculiarities of such business and provided easy interaction with customers.

Simple and intuitive design

nothing should distract from the process of ordering food, so when designing templates, our experts have taken into account the following points:

  1. Nice color scheme, not straining the eyes.
  2. Light color background to simplify the creation of images in the directory of options on offer.
  3. with a Constantly visible information about is already pending in the basket commodities.
  4. Presence of the "Up" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fixed the top menu to save the information space. There are links to the main page (promotions, terms of delivery and payment, contact information).
  6. the Lack of "heavy" images to maximize the speed of loading pages.

presentation of information

the Main feature of a good website food delivery is actuality of information, which is often interested in customers. In the template "food delivery" to it include:

  • terms of delivery stating the exact amount that the client is aware of the total cost of the order. We have provided a separate section with the ability to connect the automatic calculation of the cost.
  • payment Terms. After purchasing the template for 3500 rubles, the customer can order additional customization of the website and even the posting of content. These services will increase the cost of the order up to 6500 and 9000 rubles, respectively. Our staff will connect and set up the possibility of payment by credit card or by electronic payment systems.
  • product Catalog. It easily fits the description of the dishes with pictures. Customers better order food if you see your purchase. It is desirable that in reality, pizza or sushi looked worse than depicted on the website because the client will be lost forever.
  • the Presence of feedback. Better if the widget will be integrated with the social network, so customers can see the page. Who comments about the service. Such feedback believe more than impersonal "Oleg" or "Marines".
  • Contact information. To her it is better to add driving directions. So increase the number of customers taking food by self.

All the rules are taken into account when creating the template "food delivery". Furthermore, the proposed templates, there is a specially designed order form, the option to post information about promotions and discounts, as well as news and information articles.

Food delivery

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