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Templates for travel websites on WordPress

Without their own representation on the Internet to conduct modern business is impossible. This fully applies to the tourism industry. Any Agency or Agency simply must have a website to build relations with their customers. The WordPress platform is perfect for creating a commercial website of a tourist destination, and the templates from the sets of "the Tourist" will allow you to do this with maximum efficiency and speed.

Criteria for quality travel site

Business in this area applies to highly competitive, therefore, the creation of a web resource should be approached with the utmost responsibility. In the struggle with competitors good by any means, but a marketing tool as the Internet site is one of them. We are well aware of all the nuances of creating such a resource and incorporated them into the proposed patterns of its own design. Their cost of 3.5 thousand rubles will be repaid many times with the right approach to working with clients.

Brightness and zest

the WordPress category "Travel" are attractive and memorable design. Well-chosen colors and visual effects are complemented by adaptability. Our templates are reproduced without errors in any browser and on any device.

We have not forgotten about the aesthetic side of the issue. First and foremost, the visitor evaluates the website appearance. We ensure that client agencies will not be disappointed on first acquaintance with the resource.


the Speed of loading pages, intelligent navigation, clear and simple interface of the website in our template is very comfortable to view. The proposed templates allow you to implement on the pages of interactive services, whether to fill them with content and moderate it without excessive time costs.


Built on the travel templates resources is able to give visitors all necessary information about services and prices, reducing the communication with the managers of agencies to a minimum. It is an independent and effective structure, able to attract new customers. Enough to fill pages with detailed information, thematic historical references, videos and images, to communicate with visitors have become alive.

If the time for such work is not enough, we offer the additional service of preparing the site based on a purchased template. She stands 6.5 thousand in the standard version and 9 thousand during the filling of the template provided by the content.


the site is easy to introduce a system of online search and booking of tours with search filters by price, hotel class and other parameters. You can also add a forum, modules, surveys, and other services for interactivity.

With the proposed templates for a travel site will be customer-oriented, which will certainly affect revenues. The speed of information retrieval, feedback, promotions and discounts – and much more effectively to lead the tourist business on the Internet.

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