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Templates for travel sites on WordPress

the Choice of design of a website is a complex task, especially if we are talking about a travel theme for WordPress. First, I will ask our consultant when ordering, it's what about what kind of tours going on. It is very important that as much as possible to show the beauty of nature, a special environment of comfort, large lists of the best deals.

As a kind of traveling will affect the template

Companies offering tours or booking of the rooms have a number of specializations. It diets on coverage maps, about the type of services (tours, hotels, booking, a full set of services), about the size of the organization whether it is a single resort or a large network of hotels in different countries.

by Bus through the fields and cities

For regional bus travel within one region or country more suitable site with large photos and rare inscriptions. People will be more interesting to see it all, in the panorama, than to read a boring text about this place. Interesting about the locks and the mountains they tell the guide. Therefore the best option would be the exhibition of the large beautiful photos in full screen and sonorous titles of the articles as slogans. If the guest wills, he will open the article page and read more about a location of interest.


If the website advertises a hotel or chain of hotels, it would be appropriate to show the slide with the interiors of the rooms. Logically, if it will be divided into blocks of two columns, as the user it is important to read the list of the main features of the rooms: price per night, appliances, bathroom. The link "Book now" it should go to the page where you can make a reservation by selecting the date, type of room at a price range of household appliances. Such applications calculators can be ordered individually, or to agree to a generic template. The second will be profitable.

ticket Booking

Services booking of transport are different to those that interact with other systems, taxi companies, airports and railway stations. In fact, with this resource the user is forwarded to the carrier's website, and even on his official website. The service, which offers worldwide deals primarily with the sorting. This is the most complex template on which it is necessary to have all types of sort information:

  • transport
  • Date
  • Price range
  • Companions
  • Special requests

To perform this complex task, please contact the consultants on our website and they will select the best template, which can be upgraded later.

Large portal travel

the Creation of a multifunctional site, it is always a long and expensive process. But for the customer there may be another way in the budget price segment – the resource on the WordPress template. This site will include the booking channels of transport, and a list of hotels with the shape of the checkout and demonstration of the nature, as well as large cities. In addition there will be articles and videos.

a Good template for such a site should allow for further refinement with the change of design and addition of new features and calculators. Please contact us and we will select the best option.

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