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Zoo online pet store offers products for dogs, cats, parrots, rodents, exotic animals. In the web you can find absolutely everything-food, vitamins, quality feed, medicines, accessories and more.

If your pet is not gay, has ceased to be playful, then there is something wrong with the food. Many make the mistake when animals are fed «человеческой&rdquo food, believing this dog or cat will grow better. Big mistake. Our Pets spend all their life in motion, and this means that they constantly need the maximum amount of nutrients.

Watching commercials and having read the articles, dog-lover can zahotet to buy your pet something that may not be in a regular store. And then, driving in a Google search query, it will appear in the virtual pet store.

the real Owners of pet stores, it's time to move on to the network! And Wordpress for this! Using the theme of the pet shop, you will be able to turn the CMS into a virtual store.

the Theme of the pet shop

the Convenience of online store characteristics is subjective and is determined by the degree of automation of the buying process and a combination of the functionality of the virtual space. Premium themes are designed to facilitate the buying process. In the foreground of such a template &ndash cute little faces of dogs and cats, and inside &ndash powerful functionality. Totema integrated with a shopping plugin E-commerce.

the Buyer himself is not the enemy and certainly will choose the convenient and reliable online store, if you're going to buy pet supplies on the Internet. Our premium themes, it's easy process of buying from you and not from neighbors in the search engine results.

Premium themes pet shop come with graphical source code, so you'll be able to edit, for example, a logo or add the logo to muzzle dogs or cats.

experience with basket &ndash another story. Premium themes support a large number of different settings. How would you not want to sell dog lover as much as possible, it's best to give him the opportunity to look at their future acquisitions sober look. He may even want to add something to this list, if you he honestly will show you what items are in stock, and what is not.

in addition, the pet store needs to be always ready to help you in the choice of food, veterinary preparations. So, pick a theme with the feedback module.

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