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Sometimes the owners of bakeries and pastry shops do not even suspect how many new clients can come to them from the Internet. Indeed, it would seem that people run up to eat or buy fresh bread on the way home. But with the help of a working site, you can receive orders for cakes and confectionery products, stimulate sales with discounts and special offers and to inform guests about events .

Temple Of Themes is gallery ready sites with premium themes designed specifically for bakeries and confectioneries. Templates are designed based on WordPress, one of the most popular and fastest growing CMS. To interact with the platform, any user, it does not require knowledge of HTML and CSS. Additionally on the website you can customize the widgets chat and telephony, Analytics, connect your website to CRM – all of this is done without the help of a programmer.

With the purchase of a premium template for bakeries open an additional sales channel. Executing orders via the Internet, the institution significantly increases profits with less cost. The Manager simply gets the application site, there is no cost for external advertising, the work of vendors, cleaning of premises and utensils. This is advantageous for small establishments that opened recently.

WordPress Templates for bakery designed by professional designers and programmers, they are ready to work immediately after installation on the hosting. The main objective of such sites is to promote the brand online and attracting new customers. Site-visitors can enjoy cake, pastries , and other products offered by the institution, make payment online and collect the order after confirmation. Offer promotions and special offers to its customers with ready-made websites on the WordPress platform. Premium themes already adapted to all devices and browsers. Whether the client is a smartphone or viewing a website from the laptop, it will have the same function and be displayed.

If there is a need to customize any template or create a custom premium theme, the specialists of the Temple Of Timea ready to fulfill the order in a short time. The cost of the project becomes known after the completion of the brief, but is always cheaper than creating a website from scratch in a professional web Studio. All templates provided on the website, you can test in demo mode. Just click on the appropriate button next to any template, the site opens in the form in which it will be shown to all users upon posting.


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