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a Musical group, especially rock musicians, often is created by friends, or associates. In the Soviet Union they were banned and musicians had to fight in "Spartan" conditions, in various basements and private clubs.
Remember such a group as "Cinema", with the legendary Viktor Tsoi. He did in the beginning sang in the boiler room, where he worked as a fireman. The ensemble consisted of close friends. Later, the team updated, changed ingredients, but all remember the hits performed by this group. Even the modern young people listen to the songs of Viktor Tsoi. As the saying goes: "Tsoi is alive".
St. Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, is called the capital of Worldwide rock. In this city, has formed many famous music groups.
the Soviet pop group also enjoyed great popularity. Well-known "Mirage", "Combination", "Tender may", etc. not much, but the fans adored these groups.
nowadays, bands and artists all kinds, both domestic and foreign. In the Internet space, you can listen to, watch video, download any music or clip. Now to create a band doesn't need to have talent, everything can be solved through material means. Any vote at a recording Studio where the voice of crow will sound the Nightingale. More valued is not voice, and the ability to present themselves. Viewers want a show.
In the 70s and 80s were also the idols of the fans, such as "Pesnyary", "Syabry", "Blue bird" and many others. Rock fans: "Movie", "Metallica", "Aerosmith", "Agatha Christie", "Nautilus Pompilius", music which is still popular. The disks of these artists in the music business, sold one hundred percent.
a Musical group is born when there is a hit, which would glorify the artist. The more famous and familiar song on TV and radio, the more it appears fans. Vivid and memorable video also increases the viewer's interest. Music producers use all the tricks to attract audience. On the organization of concerts, the organizers spend a lot of money and create all the conditions for quality of passing the event.
Everyone loves music, everyone has their own favorite band. Someone listening to music in public transport, at home, at work and leisure, some of it inspiring them to create masterpieces of art. The music was, is and will be.

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