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Templates for custom sites on WordPress

the Internet is a true equalizer of society. It gives voice to the masses as people from all over the world can now Express their opinions and ideas. Since the industrial revolution humanity has not experienced such invention that can change the game.

As business customs, you must use the potential of the online world. Advertising and marketing the possibilities are endless on the forum where literally the entire planet. However, the benefits of networking can be a double edged sword. While you have the right to present your product or service, others will enjoy the same rights.

the Final fate of those who submit mediocre products or websites will be lost in the crowd. For example, every minute creates 600 blogs. As a blogger, you need to ensure that your product stands out and outshines the competition.

In response to this, networks such as WordPress, have a large community of developers themes. Among many practical functions, these topics can improve the aesthetic appeal of your website. This gives the user the ability to customize and personalize every element of the site. If you buy one of these topics, you can create a unique page that matches your vision. To avoid mediocrity is to create the best business plan for custom.

What makes our custom unique templates

Drag & Drop Builder

each page template for custom you have the option to use a Builder, an incredibly useful tool that allows you to create and host their content. You can drag widgets to the content area and easily adjust the page properties.

Page size

Using the format of the pages of posts you can set for each page custom layouts posts. You can choose to display categories, tags or post formats, choose the content layout and install order

No Coding Required

No need to edit the code, or to understand what is going on inside the CSS files. With the help of our configuration tool you can edit and place each area of your website online with a preview in real time.

advanced Settings Page

You can set the layout of each page four different ways: width 100% full width, sidebar right or left. Thus, you can easily position your complete site more organized.

100% of Screen usage

Our themes are configured on any screen: desktop, mobile phone or tablet. You can also set a separate menu for the mobile mode - selection of relevant pages for mobile users.


Our themes fully support the popular WooCommerce plugin including full support for RTL and other functions. With simple installation plug-in you will have a lot of new options.

Selected the list of best full screen WordPress themes designed in 2019. All these themes are premium with outstanding quality, support and documentation.

We tried to include different kinds of topics, but all are full screen with full screen sliders for images, audio and video. All the themes are well optimized for all screen size devices. They look amazing on iPhone, iPad, Android or any other device. In addition, to create this list, we were 500 different themes and chose the best of them on the basis of dozens of criteria.

Custom furniture

WordPress #1388

Custom furniture

WordPress #8610

Customs services

WordPress #3245

Photo books custom

WordPress #7894

Photo books custom

WordPress #7895

Call centers

WordPress #3000

Consulting services

WordPress #3121

Consulting services

WordPress #3127

Property valuation

WordPress #405