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To date, to promote their goods or services the management of many organizations are creating groups in social networks or their own websites. Since we live in the age of high technology, such methods are really effective in terms of promotion. The logic is simple, if you need advice of any physician, any modern man will search for a clinic via the Internet. Usually, the choice will fall on the most populated and informative site clinics where you can see prices, and read reviews.

from the above it can be concluded to attract new customers need to create a website. The more populated the site, the more potential customers will pay attention to it and want to attend the clinic itself. To create your own website you will need the help of professionals. But if the budget is tight, the circulation in the web Studio will not be available luxury. The solution in this situation will serve as templates medical websites WordPress store template.

Buy template is much more economical than to contact the webmaster, but will have to work themselves. Namely to fill in a template, all the templates are fully responsive and are easy to load on mobile devices, also has a Worldwide-speaking technical support. It should be noted that most of the webmasters also work with templates to speed up execution of orders.

Templates, budget website creation

Consider templates dedicated to medical topics. So, most of the templates have similar features:

  • after buying the template is ready to be installed, you'll be able to create your own website;
  • category - medicine;
  • design of adaptive type;
  • home – landing page consisting of HTML-blocks.

You can use additional services from the shop templates. Additional services include:

  • website creation and template installation in the demo version (the cost of this service is 1500 rubles);
  • completion of the template by a specialist (service cost 1,500 rubles).

Purchasing a template you are buying a license that allows you to use as a template medical topics for multiple sites, the exact number must be specified when you buy. After purchasing the template is removed from sale and you can full to use it. The license for one website costs 2500 rubles.


Apart from saving money you will be able to expand the client base, while using only five pages. These include: home, about the clinic, news, reviews, and contacts.

On each page you can set the box to record on reception to the doctor. Plus, you can add information about discounts and promotions for certain procedures and medical consultations. You can add a new page, dedicated professionals to your clinic.

Templates are very simple to understand why with their filling and usage is not difficult. All the necessary tools for the addition and changes of site will always be at hand.